Second edition of the competition. (Without material from the previous year), for the first official edition in the country.

Director: Ly Jonaitis Reyes Tuche

Current Miss Trans International Guatemala

The titles to be delivered are:

  1. Miss International Trans Guatemala
  2. Viceroy Trans Guatemala
  3. Princess Trans Guatemala

Other bands that are delivered:

  1. Best Trans Face
  2. Miss sympathy trans 2019
  3. Best trans silhouette 2019
  4. Best production 2019
  5. Fantasy costume
  6. Virtual Diva of the Social

The requirements will be:

1. Being a transgender or transsexual woman. (No disguised)

2. Being between 18 and 30 years old.

3. Being Guatemalan and residing in Guatemala.

4. Availability of time.

5. Photography of face, half body and whole body, with good light and a solid background (not necessary professionals).

The stages of the competition:

– Opening,

– Swimsuit

– Representative of fancy costumes of your city,

– Gala dress.