Miss International Trans Guatemala

Interview with Ly Jonaitis Reyes Tuche, Miss International Trans Guatemala 2018

Miss International Trans Guatemala Activity Route 2019

6 de June


First day of official meeting, arrive dressed, white shirt without any kind of logo, black trousers, heels in beige color.

Documents to deliver, photocopying DPI (Identity Card), 3 photographs, one of face, half body, complete body.

Arrive with soft makeup for the day. This day there will be a draw for the colors of the clothes for the official photo session.


Time: 9 am

Adress: 8va calle 3-09 area 1 Guatemala, House of Culture 4 November.


13 of June

Photo session, Clothing in neon color (color chosen by each),

Accessories and hairstyle to your choice, the photographs will be made in order of arrival.


Time: 9 am

Adress: Casa de la Cultura 4 November, Zone 1.


15 of July

Car make-up classes, with Jorge Rustrian, each must wear their own makeup accessories.


Time: 9 am

Adress: House of Culture 4 November, Zone 1. 2


20 of July

Marcia del Gay Pride LGBTIQ, we would gather at the starting point of the march, all with T-shirt and straps, blue jeans pants, sports shoes, preferably white.


22, 24, 26, 29, 31 of July

First trials, Opening and catwalks.

Wear stilettos, comfortable clothing for rehearsals.


Time: 9 am


Adress: House of Culture 4 November.


12, 14 and 16 August

Tests, passerellle and opening.

On the 14th of August we would also have measures for opening costume and bathing costume with a Nicaragüense fashionista.


22 of August

Interview with TVQ. TV in Ancient Guatemala. We would gather at the House of Culture to go out at noon all the way to the capital city.


The interview will be at 4 pm.


We would see maximum at 11:30 am to go out.


19, 21, 23 August

Last tests, always wear stilettos, comfortable clothing.


Time: 9 am


Adress: November 4 Culture House.


August 24th.


Final Gala. Wishing you the best success and hoping enjoy this experience. We will start at 7:30 p.m. at the House of Culture 4 November.

Competition Director

Ganadora de la Miss Trans Internacional Guatemala 2018 - Ly Jonaitis Reyes Tuche
Winner of the Miss Trans Internacional Guatemala 2018 - Ly Jonaitis Reyes Tuche